sandy beach greece: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Do you would like to know the very best beaches in Antiparos? If you are the type of person who enjoys beaches way excessive, this article is for you then! Antiparos is a secluded island seating on the southern portion of its sister, Paros. Antiparos uses a life loaded with serenity as well as big waves that you have to catch. From arranged beaches with Antiparos hotels and organisations around it to the secluded and remote lido where you can be alone with your book! Can't wait to put on your swimsuit? Well, let's see the very best beaches in Antiparos!

Antiparos is full of fascinating websites to go to. Well, why not go on a beach hopping tour? It is always an excellent idea to get more Vitamin Sea, right?

Agios Georgios

The golden sandy beaches of Agios Georgios offer you a relaxing time while you sunbathe and loosen up under the hot sun! The water is clear and azure at the exact same time, as it is one of the features of other beaches and islands in the Cyclades, Greece. Agios Georgios, located in the northeast of the island, is the most industrialized beach in Antiparos where there are Antiparos apartment or condos, dining sandy beach greece establishments, bars, and water sports facilities.

Agios Spiridonas

Getting away from the crowd is one of the important things we eagerly anticipate when checking out a beach. Leave your worries behind as you approach the sensational Agios Spiridonas beach situated in the northern part of Antiparos. There are tamarisk trees scattered around the long boardwalk. Did you get your preferred book with you? Good. This beach is an isolated one, so, do not hesitate to complete a book or two!



A remote, pebbly, and totally free beach is lying in Western Antiparos. Experience a one of a kind shore life at Monastiria beach where you can be alone and have the island all to yourself! It is an ideal beach where you can simply close your eyes and hear the waves calling beaches in Greece your name! Really, an amazing beach experience.

Sifneikos Gialos

Among the most popular beaches in Antiparos is the Sifneikos Gialos. There's a center of tavernas that serve regional delicacies and foods for you to try! You can come by and perhaps bum at Sifneikos Gialos beach situated in the northern tip of Antiparos.

Soros Beach

Soros is likewise among the most preferred beaches in Antiparos for it has the longest sandy and golden boardwalk on the island! It is an efficient shore in the Southeast suggestion of Antiparos. There are sunbeds, tavernas, bars, restaurants, and water sports facilities at Soros beach.